Win Three Bottles of Ultra Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Three easy steps to win

1) Enter the contest

2) Share Eden’s Nature via social media

3) Win three bottles of Ultra Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract shipped to your front door.

See below how points are awarded:

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Contest Requirements

Points are pretty easy to accumulate. The minimum points to acquire in order to win is 3000.  The winner of the competition is the contestant with the most points awarded when the competition comes to a close on the last day of each month. This is the requirement to win the three bottles of Green Coffee Bean Extract on offer each month.

Besides the prize mentioned above, there will also be a lucky draw each month where one contestant will win a bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Cookies Enabled

Make sure that cookie tracking on your computer is enabled as our tracking system will not be able to track your social sharing actions otherwise, which means that it will not be possible for you to accumulate points in our social sharing contest.

Social Sharing Actions

Be aware that there is up to a 24 hour delay before points will be updated for social sharing actions as we only request information from Youtube, Facebook etc. once every 24 hours.

Accumulating social sharing points when buying our products

Please see the info graphic for points awarded in the social sharing contest when contestants buy our products.

This is the only action that cannot be tracked automatically by our system and points for such action will have to be adapted manually.

The process is very simple. Simply forward your receipt of payment to [email protected] and we will immediately update your social sharing points in the social sharing contest accordingly.

Subscribe to our Newsletter

Make sure to enter the social sharing contest first before signing up for our newsletter as you will only receive social sharing points for subscribing to our newsletter if you are already signed up for our social sharing contest.

When subscribing to our newsletter you will instantly receive 200 social sharing points.

Contest Subject to Location

Unfortunately this contest is only available to those in the USA as does not make provision for international shipping of supplements at this time.

Social Sharing Links

When you enroll to the contest you will receive access to three affiliate links. The first link contains the letter “c” that stands for contest and is the link you will use to share the social sharing contest with others. When someone clicks on the link you will receive one point for each click and 50 points if this results in the person signing up for our social sharing contest. This is also the affiliate link you will copy and paste when requested when signing up for the contest.

The second affiliate link you receive access to contains the letter “p” which stands for product. This link will also earn you one point each time someone clicks on this link. This link will take visitors to the home page of our website

The third link you receive when signing up to our social sharing contest contains the letter “a” which stands for Amazon. This link will take visitors to our product on Amazon and will also result in one social sharing point when visitors click on this link.

The maximum points you can earn when the link is clicked by visitors is 20 points per day.

Maximum Points Per Day As Specified

You might have wondered why there is a maximum amount of points per day specified in each social sharing action category. The reason for such is to ensure that contestants do not spam, as this will give our company a bad reputation. The limits set ensures that spam does not occur and also allows for even distribution across the various social media.

However, if despite the measures we have taken to avoid spam from taking place, we will have no choice to remove contestants caught spamming, as we cannot allow such practice to jeopardize the reputation of our company.

How To Claim Your Prize

We strongly advise that you sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of our contest page, as not only will this provide you with 200 points in our social sharing contest, but it will also make it easy for us to contact you if you won either our grand prize or the monthly lucky draw in our social sharing contest. Alternatively send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Keep an eye on the comments box on our Leaderboard page as we will announce the winner there, or keep an eye on our Facebook Page as the winner will also be announced on Facebook.

We will do our utmost best to contact you if you have won a prize, but please take note that it is only possible for us to contact you if you made it possible for us to do so. If it is not possible for us to contact you because you have not provided any means for us to do so and you have not paid attention to us announcing you as the winner, we will have no other choice but to award the prize to someone else. We will allow 14 days for you to claim your prize. After this period we will reward it to someone else.

We have considered to capture the email address of each contestant that signs up for our social sharing contest automatically to make it easy for us to contact you should you win, but we decided instead to provide signing up to our newsletter as an opportunity for you to earn yourself 200 social sharing points. As mentioned above, we strongly encourage you to make use of this opportunity.

Contest Disclaimer

Although we have full confidence in our tracking system, there is a very small possibility that social sharing actions might not always track accurately. In an unlikely case as such, we have the ability to adapt social sharing points manually and we are able to see exactly which social sharing actions resulted in the accumulation of social sharing points.

We will however only be able to adapt the social sharing standings if you have proof of social sharing actions you believe you might not have been awarded points for.

In an unlikely case as such, please contact us at [email protected]


NOTE: If you have any questions in regards to our contest or not sure how it works in practice and need more information, then please comment in the box below and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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