Let’s say you’ve decided you’re going to try green coffee bean extract. You’ve done the research, you know the results people are having, and you want to experience it for yourself. But, you may want to hold off just another moment longer. Even though you’ve done enough research to know that the extract works, there is still one more piece of information you need to have; and that’s where to make your purchase.


News about green coffee bean extract is taking off fast. A demand for it is steadily increasing and thus the suppliers for it are also increasing. But like anything you put into your body, you don’t want to just go grabbing it off the shelves without doing your research. You want to buy from a trusted supplier.


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In the case of green coffee bean extract, there are two main suppliers that are trusted. These being GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) and Svetol. You want to make sure that the Green Coffee Bean Extract is pure and that it states either Svetol or GCA on the product label before
purchasing a green coffee bean product. One of the things he listed was to not purchase anything that didn’t have GCA or Svetol on the label.

Now, it should be made clear that GCA and Svetol don’t make and distribute the capsules themselves. They produce the extract from which the supplements are made. Companies that produce the capsules buy the harvested ingredients from either GCA or Svetol. If they get their ingredients from elsewhere, don’t bother.

Here are some of the finer details on these two suppliers;

GCA – The green coffee bean extract produced by them contains 45.9% Chlorogenic acid. They are owned by “Applied Food Sciences, Inc.” based out of Austin, Texas.

Svetol – The green coffee bean extract produced by them contains 45% Chlorogenic acid. They are owned by “Naturex” based out of Europe.

Both companies produce green coffee bean extract that has been well studied, and have been found to help improve health and weight loss with no dangerous side-affects.

So, which one should you purchase? Really, as long as the packaging states that the product was made with ingredients from either GCA or Svetol, you can’t go wrong. Dr. Oz recommended both of them.
There might be some slight differences from product to product, such as pill size and the ease of swallowing therein. But again, GCA and Svetol just produce the extract, so matters like the size of the pill will vary from one product to another regardless of whether they used GCA or Svetol.

The only real difference between these two extract suppliers is that GCA produces extract at 45.9% Chlorogenic acid and Svetol produces extract at 45% Chlorogenic acid. So that 0.9% difference is about the only thing separating them.

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry too much about whether you’re using a product made from GCA extract or Svetol extract, as long as it’s one or the other. You don’t want to stray away from these two.

Other factors to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Make sure that the product contains 100% pure green coffee bean extract without any fillers, binders, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Ensure that the manufacturer is FDA approved and produce products under good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure the highest level of quality control. Beware of counterfeit products. When products contain any additional ingredients besides Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, then steer away from such as it is very likely that these products will not have the desired results, which will leave you disappointed.

The video below explains what to look for when purchasing Green Coffee Bean Extract and in this video it is made very clear that not all products are created equal.
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