Green coffee beans simply refers to coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These green coffee beans contains a chemical called chlorogenic acid that was recently discovered by scientists to play a significant role in fat loss. Additional to the fat loss benefit, chlorogencic acid also contributes to an array of health benefits which includes its aid in fighting heart disease and diabetes.

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Does coffee contain chlorogenic acid?

In the production of coffee, most of the chlorogenic acid contained within the coffee bean is destroyed, as coffee is roasted at a temperature of up to 230 degrees celcius. Roasted coffee in itself does not contain a high enough concentration of chlorogenic acid to aid in fat loss. Scientists came up with a simple solution when they discovered the weight loss benefits of chlorogenic acid. Simply extract high concentrations of chlorogenic acid from the green coffee bean and make it available for consumption by consumers. This is usually consumed as a powder encased in capsules for easy consumption.

Evidence to support Green Coffee Bean Extract claims?

Green coffee bean extract became well known for weight loss all over the world after it was cited on the Dr. Oz show by the end of 2012. Green Coffee Bean Extract were introduced on the Dr Oz Show as a medical breaktrough in the weight loss industry, with the added benefits of being an all natural solution to weight loss with no side effects. A recent study based on a 2400 calorie diet shows a 10% body weight loss in as little as 12 weeks. Dr. Oz referred to it as “The miracle pill that burns fat fast” and was cited as a “medical breakthrough” and an all natural weight loss solution that created a lot of excitement among scientists and nutritionists.

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How does Green Coffee Bean Extract work?

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans comprise a higher allowance of the chemical, chlorogenic acid. Because the coffee beans have not been processed,their chlorogenic acids have all been left in tact. Chlorogenic acids slows down the glucose release in the body and as a result induce weight loss. This chemical is thought

in the scientific community to have many short and long term health benefits. For high body-fluid it might sway body-fluid vessels so that blood pressure is decreased. Research shows that people with high blood pressure who take green coffee bean extract (as little as 93mg daily), have decreased blood pressure drastically after 29 days of treatment.

The importance of a healthy diet and exercise regime

Scientists made a very interesting discovery. When testing Green Coffee Bean Extract on test subjects they realized that the subjects lost on average a pound per week consuming 1600mg of Green Coffee Bean extract on a daily basis with no alteration to their existing diet or exercise regime.

Does this mean that you can eat like you please and forget about exercise?

Of course not. Nothing is more important than a healthy diet and a well structured fitness program. Having this in place will ensure that you experience optimal results when consuming Green Coffee Bean Extract.

There are several very good fitness programs online to choose from.

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Green Coffee

Bean Extract Benefits Summary

– Increases energy and regulates hunger
– Speeds up fat burning
– Suppress the production of free radicals
– Has antioxidant properties
– Lowers cholestrol and blood pressure

Green Coffee Bean extract is also 100% safe to use and usually contains less naturally occurring caffeine than half a cup of coffee per serving.


Are all Green Coffee Bean Extracts created equally?

The answer to this question is a definite resounding, no. When buying Green Coffee Bean Extract there are several factors to consider.

First question you need to ask yourself is whether the green coffee bean extract contains only 100% natural and pure ingredients. Beware of counterfeit products that contains binders, fillers and artificial ingredients. Such products are in the first place not natural, so will not work as intended as the chlorogenic acid content will not be sufficient to induce weight loss and offer the other associated benefits. Secondly the artificial ingredients is usually not beneficial to the body in any way, in fact can in some cases even be harmful to the body.

Health physicians recommend an intake of 1600mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract on a daily basis for optimal results.

Is the manufacturer FDA and GMP approved?

Another very important factor when considering what green coffee bean extract to buy is asking whether the manufacturer of the product is FDA approved and whether they manufacture their products under good manufacturing practices to ensure the highest form of quality control.

How much should I pay for Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The saying, you get what you pay for is true in most cases. It is true that quality is often associated with the price that you pay for the product. You will find a huge variety in the price of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Amazon which might cost you anything from between $12 to as much as $55 per month. As already mentioned, be very careful of imitations and make sure to study the ingredients to make sure that the product is 100% natural without any fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.

Make sure to study the amount of cholorogenic acid per capsule to determine the amount of GCA (green coffee antioxidant) contained in each serving. As already mentioned, health practicioners suggest an intake of 1600mg of GCA per day for optimal results. Although consumption of Green Coffee Bean Extract is completely free from side effects, an overdose can affect your bowel movement.

Considering Reviews on Amazon

Make sure to look at reviews on Amazon to ensure that the product you intend to buy is of high quality. Someone once said that a product is just as good as it’s customer service. Although this might not always be the case, there are definitely some truth in it as effort made by the particular merchant in their customer service usually reflects the time and effort invested in the development of their products. Therefore make sure that the merchant of choice provides not only premium quality products, but also fast delivery and excellent customer service.

We recommend using merchants making use of Amazon fulfillment as Amazon’s customer service is second to none and you will struggle to find better reliability when it comes to delivery.

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